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Get control of your contracts with a trusted and easy to use smart contracts software solution. Digitise your deeds, get a complete list of contracts, assign tasks, manage workflows etc. This advanced software solution helps your legal team achieve corporate goals by accelerating the sales cycle and to improve negotiating outcomes.

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Decentralized Repository
Decentralized digital storage and access to all contract anywhere from any device is the promise of SecureX. Now you can access, search and retrieve all your contracts with ease and the assurance of security.
Contract Lifecycle Management
You can easily streamline your contract expiry and renewal process. You get a split of all your live, upcoming, due renewal, expired, under-dispute contracts on a central dashboard.
Version Control & Audit Trail
It is easy to ensure all changes by all parties with SecureX since they are tracked and stored strategically to enable overall control on contract drafting and finalizing.
Electronic Signature
Physical signatures on a legal contract are a thing of the past. SecureX allows digital signing of a contract with the use of Signy’s trusted digital signature module.
Compliance Management
Contracts come with certain obligations and compliance requirements. Any non-compliance results in penalties, fines, termination and other liabilities. SecureX ensures all obligations are stored and managed.

Use cases

Land Title in Real Estates
Certificates in Businesses
Documents in Insurances
Contracts in Investment Banking
Deeds in Property Management

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