Emerging Technologies

An Emerging Technology Digital Transformation Company

Signy’s core functional principle comes through the cross-section of two widely popular, but sparsely understood, postmodern technology terms - emerging technology, and digital transformation. To understand Signy, one simply needs to understand the essence of these basic terms.

Emerging technology, simply put, is technology in its adolescence. Emerging technology is an umbrella term that covers all those technologies which have unprecedented untapped potential. These are technologies that are on the brink of changing the world - just waiting for us to allow it.

But why are emerging technologies still emerging? Why have we still not tapped their full potential?

We have sent men to the moon and back, and we have split the atom. Why is artificial intelligence or blockchain not a household technology that is helping humankind evolve to the next age?

The answer is manifold:

They are unaware

Many of us don’t know the practical use cases of emerging technology.

They are unable to scale

Many of us know how to experiment on emerging tech but we haven’t mastered the art of scaling it to social, industrial, and global levels.

They are scared of disruption

The power of emerging technology scares us. How will we manage a society that we haven’t imagined before?

Digital Transformation

This is what we at Signy are here to do. Digital transformation is the process of changing how businesses strategize, plan, and operate, by leveraging next-generation technologies, to make them smarter, faster, and more powerful than ever before. How we are able to achieve it?

We are aware. With a leadership team that holds a collective experience of over 200 years across diverse industry verticals and geographies and a dynamic ensemble of world-class emerging technology experts, we know exactly how emerging technologies need to be leveraged for maximum impact.

We are experts at scaling. We come with proven experience and expertise in making businesses grow reliably and sustainably. We know what it takes, and we know how to get it done.

We are masters of disruption through innovation. We bring together an understanding of the traditional and the creativity of the unconventional. We know what the future of an emerging technology-enabled world looks like, and we can’t wait to help you get there faster.