Signy Data Policy

1. Signy Data

1.1. This policy sets out the terms under which Signy Data is provided to partners and Subscribers.

1.2. Signy Partners and Subscribers have access to a range of software solutions, software insights & software products produced by Signy. Signy Data is compiled by Signy using independent assessments and other market information.
1.3. Any and all Intellectual property rights (“IPR”) in and to Signy Data are the property of Signy Advanced Technologies (the company). This Agreement does not constitute an assignment of any copyright or any other IPR whatsoever in respect of Signy Data but constitutes only a limited, non-transferable, non-sublicensable and non-exclusive licence to use, store and process Signy Data and to re-distribute it ONLY to the extent specifically permitted under the terms of the level of your subscription. The licence granted shall be for a term specified in the agreement between Signy & you. It will continue in force for the duration of your continued subscription subject to prior termination in accordance with Clause 3.1 of Signy Terms and Conditions.
1.4. Signy Data is available from only

2. Audit Rights

2.1. Unless otherwise specified, in any other contract in force between your company and the Signy; an independent auditor nominated by the Signy, shall have the right, upon seven days’ written notice, to carry out an audit of your records and any of your systems used in connection with or relating to Signy Data. This shall be done in order to verify that your use of Signy Data is in accordance with the terms of this Policy, including if you do not subscribe to the Signy for Signy Data but may receive it regularly or occasionally from another source, and you agree to permit an independent auditor nominated by the Signy, to have access to your premises, records and systems to the extent necessary to carry out such audit. In exercising its Audit Rights under this clause, the Signy shall have regard to observing your reasonable security arrangements.