Tamper Proof Certificates. Easy to Issue & Share
Certification Customisation Tamper Proof

The next big change in certification and document sharing is here. Digitally sign and cosign Tamper Proof certificates, create and customise your own smart-certificates, and share digital certificates with complete security and audit trail.

Signy’s blockchain and AI powered CertX enables businesses, individuals and Governments to issue valid, legal certificates. It brings massive value addition to any industry which deals with a large number of documents in various industries like Education, Healthcare, Shipping, Real Estate, and Banking.

Additionally, it also aids businesses to easily issue and share documents digitally in a safe and secure manner. This reduces redundancy and increases efficiency.



Audit trail
What happens on the blockchain stays on the blockchain. With CertX, auditing is secure and intuitive. The system keeps a record of all activities, edits, modifications, and access logs, and ensures nothing slips past you.
Configurable Workflow
Creating workflows can be a pain. CertX makes it simple by providing configurable workflows that can quickly and easily adjust to fit all of your organisation’s needs.
Customisable Templates
With CertX, you control how your system interacts with your customers. Customisation of templates is super convenient, and you can create and save templates as per your requirements.
Digital Signature
Turning your signature into your digital imprint, CertX permits easy signature management. Now it is easy to digitally sign documents and get instant authentication.
Permission Management
User rights can be picked from the system or defined manually, and multiple users can be given varying levels of access to the system to help your team collaborate seamlessly.
Drag & Drop Interface
There is nothing more simple and intuitive than this drag-and-drop user interface. This makes CertX a truly plug-and-play solution that your team can start using now. No training required.

Use cases

Accelerating Processes Has Never Been Easier

Land Title in Real Estates
Certificates in Education
Documents in Banking
Certification in Shipping
Medical Certificates in Healthcare

Start issuing Tamper proof Certificates in less than 10 minutes