Taking attendance in schools requires teachers to carry heavy registers in class, and make sure that it’s the first thing in the morning. It takes a lot of time and effort, and not all students come to class early, while some go for sports classes in the morning and come to class later. This creates a communication gap, and the teacher does not know whether the respective student is present or not. Similarly, organizations monitor the employee’s presence and his or her shift hours by the swipe of the RFID card. If the employee forgets to bring that card to work or has lost the same, it creates further problems.  


We believe that technology is used to make the lives of customers as well as businesses easier by making applications that disrupt the traditional ways of doing business. Our cutting-edge technology has helped businesses make the use of our products by cutting costs and increasing operational efficiency. Keeping emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, and machine learning as the base of our products, we make ground-breaking applications that help businesses in various sectors across ecosystems.

AttendX is Signys’s AI-powered smart recognition solution. It utilizes industry-standard recognition, and smart algorithms to create a comprehensive database of faces that can be used to recognize people in photos, videos, and live streams, etc.



In educational institutions like schools, colleges, hostels, and coaching centers, etc., AttendX can be used to take attendance and prevent children from bunking their classes. Also, it will ensure safety as it would immediately see if there’s any suspicious or unknown personnel in the respective area. Educational institutions won’t have to check everything manually like attendance of students or even spend on RFID swipe cards. This will save a ton of operational costs incurred and also ensure safety, security, and accuracy. Schools can figure out which classes are being bunked the most to audit the quality of the class and take appropriate measures to ensure that the students are not bunking. 


Hospitals can use AttendX to make sure the safety of patients in the ward. Nurses and ward staff have to be present in the premises 24/7 to ensure safety but by implementing AttendX, hospitals can use the power of the camera and artificial intelligence to ensure safety, security, and lower their operational costs at the same time. In government hospitals, it’s not known to the patient whether his or her doctor is on leave or not. The patient waits for hours to get an appointment, only to find out that the doctor is not in. By AttendX, the attendance of every doctor will be recorded in real-time and patients can check before waiting in line for an appointment. This will not only save the patient’s time but make sure that the appointment process is fast and efficient. 


Currently, organizations have RFID cards that track the attendance and the shift hours of their employees, the infrastructure of which costs a lot for them to maintain. Using AttendX will reduce the operational costs to a minimum and also make sure accurate attendance of employees. Employees sometimes forget their ID cards which makes it harder for them to register their attendance and their shift timings which creates further problems. AttendX can also track the number of times employees go out for breaks and hence monitor their productivity and take appropriate measures. 


There are multiple use-cases for governments to address various issues in a city. For instance :


Using the power of AttendX, governments can figure out at what times there’s maximum traffic on the roads to monitor and take measures to ensure there is a smooth flow of vehicles on the road. They can figure out the entire routes the public is taking, and hence make sure that there are no issues on that route at that particular hour. 


AttendX can also be used to count the number of people traveling by bus, metro, or any other forms of public transport and see how crowded they are at what time in the day. Having these numbers, they can figure out how to make public transport better and more efficient, have several buses and metros in rush hours or festive season. 


Crimes at night are hampering public safety, especially for women, and making the common people worry about getting out at night. AttendX will use the advanced AI technology combined with the modern camera aesthetics to make sure public safety across the city. Cameras can be installed throughout the city, on busy and crowded as well as empty roads and highways to track crimes. Police will be able to identify the criminal quicker with the use of AttendX as it will be integrated into their facial recognition system as well. 

AttendX can also be used in festivals, concerts, conferences, wedding events to ensure the safety of the masses who attend these events. A massive amount of money is spent on the security of large events. The costs can be cut down to a minimal and safety as well as security can be ensured. This will serve the best for hotels as they cater to many random people visiting five-star hotels and just sit in the lobby. There’s a large number of security personnel appointed which adds up to a ton of operational costs. 

Combined with the power of artificial intelligence, AttendX offers solutions for various sectors, as well as governments to ensure safety, security, and make the planet a better place to live in.

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