Seamless Digital Onboarding powered by Blockchain & AI
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Identity Verification In Seconds

World’s fastest, safest, and only 100% customisable Digital onboarding, ID verification, and document sharing ecosystem. Your unified identity and documentation solution powered by cutting edge AI

A cutting-edge, digital onboarding solution that makes the onboarding process secure, speedy and intuitive. It brings the best of AI technology to make identification and authentication feel like a cakewalk, whilst providing unparalleled security. Not only that, since the framework stores all transactional and authentication information on secure Blockchain you can rest easy and let it do all the work for you!

As a user, you can upload all your identification documents in one place. That's right, your voter ID card, passport, driving license, even miscellaneous documents, all go in one place. The powerful AI uses OCR to read these documents and extract relevant information. Then, to verify that the documents you uploaded are correct, it will match your face with the documents using Facematch protocol. But that's not all. Our AI comes equipped with Liveness, an anti-spoofing mechanism that checks that the Face ID scan is being done by a real person and not a photograph of the person.

This solution is highly customizable and you can create user onboarding forms tailored to your organization's needs within minutes. Since the framework stores all information on secure Blockchain, it ensures that the users' data can not be accessed without bilateral consent. It is a single ecosystem that enables onboarding, identification, and authentication seamless and trustworthy.



Face Detection
Using 68-point face detection, our solution creates world-class face comparison and verification efficiency. Works like a charm, even in dim light.
Liveness Check
AI awareness that ensures the ecosystem can identify real faces vs photographs. Strong anti-spoofing mechanism to ensure safety and security.
Information Extraction
Our technology reads your documents. No, really, it reads your documents. Simple information from identity documents is readily extracted.
Background Check
Identity documents run through 8 sanction checks to ensure proper background verification. More sanction checks can be added through customization.
Anti Counterfeiting
Documents are stored on the blockchain and thus retain edit logs. Any unauthorized activity is permanently registered, making the system counterfeiting-resistant.
Friendly UX
Blazing fast and intuitive UX ensures users can complete their journey quickly and without hassle in a matter of a few seconds.


Information exchange between users (user-user, user-vendor, vendor-vendor) is secured using public key infrastructure. The sender will encrypt the information using the receiver's public key before initiating the information exchange. This ensures only the intended receiver will be able to decrypt the data using his/her private key.
Enterprise members permissions will get stored in the enterprise database, authox database, and authox DLT. DLT is always the source of truth of members permissions and any update in the permission requires a validly signed transaction from the concerned authority private keys.
If a user email id and password are accidentally exposed by the user, the attacker will not be able to access the user account. The active key (the key generated from email+password+master private key) is used to access and the attacker does not have a user’s master private key. Data remains locked out of reach.

Users can revoke existing keys and generate a new one by answering the security questions and by setting a new password.
Users can get a new device and start the recovery process to recover the data attributed to the user account. In the recovery process:

➔ The user is first asked to enter their registered email.

➔ the user is asked to provide answers to the security questions. Using these security answers we generate a master key pair. A transaction is signed using this key and sent to the DLT to verify the authenticity of the key.

➔ If the master key is accepted, then the user is allowed to access their account. User’s encrypted data backup will be fetched from the cloud and decrypted on the device. In case the user suspects that their credentials(email/password) could be compromised, the user can reset the email/password as explained above.
A user account is protected by an active key (email + password + master key), so it’s not easy to get into a user account. When it comes to stealing user data by probing more into Android/iOS, it’s not easy to do that also. All user data is encrypted and your keys (master and active keys) are stored securely by the native OS.
A user will be asked 4 security questions and 1 pin code(6 digits). The answer to these 5 questions will be used to generate the master key pair.
The active public keys will be generated using the email + password + master private key.
User can choose to deactivate the active keys by selecting an option in the settings (one-click process). Under the hood, a transaction will be generated (and signed by the master private key) and sent to the DLT to revoke the current active keys.
First, as we have a separate server for each DLT node, at least 2⁄3 of the nodes should go down in order to do any harm to the network as a whole. In case more than 2⁄3 of the nodes are down 2 things will happen:

There will be no disruption in services of any kind. All the requests will be entertained solely by the databases that keep a copy of the state of the DLT.
The DLT recovery process will be initiated to recover the state of the DLT.
A request is sent to the servers which double-check the authenticity of the potential user. The first level of check is performed by the databases which maintain a copy of the DLT state. The second level of check is done by sending a transaction to the DLT servers that are signed by the user’s active private key.

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