Zero Touch Attendance & Visitor Management using Facial Recognition (AI)
Attendance Virus Proof Visitor Management

Zero touch Attendance & visitor management on your tablet device. Keep your employees, students & visitors safe from COVID-19

A unique Facial recognition AI powered solution that helps you mark attendance or keep track of visitors without touching any surfaces. AttendX application utilises world-class smart algorithms to recognise your employees or students in less than 1 second! Keep your students safe in school premises, employees and workers clocked in/out at workplaces or visitors monitored for entry / exit/ safety.

AttendX offers an easy way to ensure peace of mind. A world class tool to automate your HR/Administration tools or to augment your existing security procedures.



Integrates Historical Data
Smooth integration with your existing systems is possible. This solution can quickly and easily store your existing attendance records before taking over. Move forward, leave nothing behind!
World-Class Face Recognition
Our system utilises powerful face recognition with a response time of 100-150 ms. This is one of the fastest AI response times in the world, making it the fastest face recognition you could hope for.
Dim Light Functionality
Low light is not a problem, as Signy’s AttendX solution comes with the capability to function even in dim light situations. After all, your business gets visitors all the time, doesn’t it?
Marks Attendance Automatically
No human intervention is required. The system does all the work for you. As soon as a visitor walks through the door, our AttendX system springs to action and gets the job done.
Detects Unauthorised Actors
At the time of check-in, any unauthorised visitors are recognised and an alert mechanism is triggered. You don’t have to worry about strangers snooping around anymore.
Anti Spoofing Capability
Most face recognition software comes with a fatal flaw - it can be fooled by a photo or a video of a person. Not Signy AttendX , though. This solution can differentiate real people from photos and videos.

Use cases

Industry leaders are embracing the power of the cutting-edge. What are you waiting for?

AttendX in Education
AttendX in Workplace
AttendX in Coworking Space
Monitoring for unauthorised Entry
Visitor Managment System
Census in Governance

Protect your students, employees & visitors today!