About Signy

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Change can be scary. We live in a day and age where change is the only norm that is permanent. We are here not only to help you understand change,but also embrace it.

Whether you are a C-level executive in a fast-moving organization, a policymaker in a civil institution, an investor in innovation, or a student with a passion to learn, you have something in common with us. We are visionaries. We believe in a future that’s faster, more powerful, more secure, and brings everyone together. And we know that this future is going to be built by new ideas powered by smarter technologies.

This vision can be achieved - with the correct expertise. That is where we come in. Our diverse team of visionary stalwarts brings proven experience and out-of-the-box perspectives to spark industry-shaping change. We build cutting-edge technology solutions that disrupt multiple global industries, provide research and development consulting paired with deep managerial know-how, and spearhead unique market-research with cross-functional impact analysis.


When a diverse group of visionaries came together and asked themselves what businesses in the postmodern digital age need, the idea for an emerging technology digital transformation company came into existence.

The Founding

What could be common between a silicon-valley technology veteran, a serial entrepreneur who has sailed the high seas (in global markets, and the actual high seas), and a marine engineer who went on to become an international business and Fintech expert?

A common vision towards technology-driven innovation, it turns out.

Three wildly different people came together in 2017 and found out that they were not so different after all. And they realized that the same holds true for industries, businesses, and the people interacting with them across the world. There is a dire need for digital transformation and disruptive innovation. Businesses and industries need a company powered by forward-thinking weathered experts with a very rare combination of unorthodox ideas and proven market experience.

Kawal Arora (ex-Tesla, technology innovation expert), Vikas Pandey (Entrepreneur, Founded a Telco startup in HK, ex-Anglo Eastern and Shell Oil, business transformation expert), and Sunil Arora (Oxford alumnus, global business strategizing expert) decided to lay down the foundations for Signy.

Generating Momentum

One of the biggest milestones for Signy was a major breakthrough in 2019 when Signy was accepted into Level39, One Canada Square (London), establishing our position as thought leaders in global tech communities that our products will assist in solving: .

Building The Team

At Signy, we often say - “Our strength lies in, more than anything, the people we brought together.”

One of the first few people to come on board our vision for a more sovereign, decentralized world was Vaibhav Saini, a multifaceted visionary from IIT Delhi who had been making waves as a blockchain and AI developer, writer, and speaker. His ideas aligned with Signy perfectly, and he was welcomed as a Co-Founder on the board.

Ashish Kots, our dynamic and progressive Product Manager, joined us in 2018. He recalls the early stages in the budding stages of Signy when the company was a group of three to four people working out of coworking spaces, cafeterias and such. The team size has grown rapidly from there. With 20+ people working out of the Gurgaon office in India today, we can’t help but feel the tiniest hint of pride.

Explore Careers

Find out how passionate and persistent effort are instrumental in delivering excellence, and how we create the correct platform for rookies and veterans alike to power their career. Our strength comes from the people we have, and we believe in enabling people.

Expanding The Idea

When we started (and for a while) we were a blockchain product company. It made sense. Our expertise in this emerging technology and understanding of global markets had built a solid vision for what Signy was going to be. We had identified the following problems in industries and communities across the world:

1 billion people in this world have outright no identity at all, thanks to outdated identity management technology and poor planning. Even the people who have an identity face issues with accuracy and ease of updating.
Facebook suspended 1.3 billion fake accounts between 2017 and 2018. Online fraud and cybercrime account for monetary losses around $172 billion a year.
The verification of documents and certificates is slow, inefficient, and amounts to poor user-experience across the globe. In a world that is going Digital-first, there is great scope for digital certification and authentication to create better trust & user experience.
Sharing and transfer of ownership in assets can be a trading nightmare because industries aren’t using the correct technology solutions to convert physical assets into digital assets.